2007 WMA Technical Working Group Meeting
Speaker Presentations - Day 1, December 12, 2007

The Technologies - Latest Developments
1. Bob Bistor - Aspha-Min
Hubbard Construction Co.
2. Norm Smith - Double Barrel Green
Astec Inc.
3. Jonathan McIver - Evotherm
Mead Westvaco
4. Andre Loustau - Low Energy Asphalt
5. John Shaw - Sasobit
Sasol Wax Americas, Inc.
6. Annette Smith - Advera WMA
PQ Corporation
7. Carl Robertus - WAM-Foam
BP Bitumen
8. Gerry Reinke & Gaylon Baumgardner - REVIX Waterless Warm Mix
Paragon Technical Services
9. Prem Naidoo - Akzo Nobel Rediset WMX Warm Mix Additive
Asphalt & Wax Innovations, LLC
Plant Setup, Operations, and Efficiency
11. Dennis Hunt - Overcoming Operating Challenges with WMA
Research Activities
12. Andrea Kvasnak - National Center for Asphalt Technology
13. Ray Bonaquist - NCHRP Project 09-43, Mix Design Practices for WMA, Advanced Asphalt Technologies
14. Gaylon Baumgardner - FHWA Binder ETG
Paragon Technical Services
15. Chuck Paugh and Matthew Corrigan - FHWA Mobile Asphalt Testing Laboratory WMA Field Work FHWA Office of Pavement Technology
16. Shad M. Sargand - WMA Perpetual Pavement: Ohio SR 541
Ohio University


Speaker Presentations - Day 2, December 13, 2007

Project Experiences
17. Brad Neitzke - Yellowstone N.P.
Federal Lands Highway Division
18. Andrea Kvasnak - Colorado I-70
19. Greg Harder - New York: Low Energy Asphalt Projects
20. Matthew Corrigan - FHWA/AASHTO WMA European Scan
TWG Forum
21. Dave Newcomb - Best Practices in WMA Production and Construction (QIP-125) NAPA

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