October 2010 WMA Technical Working Group Meeting
1. WMA Use Survey
2. NCAT At Auburn University, NCHRP 9-47A Update
3. NCHRP 09-49 Performance of WMA Technologies Stage 1 - Moisture Susceptibility
Texas Transportation Institute
4. Gerald Reinke, Final Report on Long Term Outdoor Aging of Warm Mix Samples
MTE Services, Inc.
5. Ramon Bonaquist, NCHRP 9-43 Mix Design Practices
Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC
6. Elie Y. Hajj,Impact of WMA Additives on Modified Asphalt Mixtures
University of Nevada Reno
7. Gerald Reinke, Variation in Recovered Binder Properties based on Mix Sampling Location
MTE Services, Inc.
8. David Jones, Caltrans/UCPRC RHMA/RWMA Study Update
University of California Pavement Research Center
8. Full Agenda

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