May 2009 WMA Technical Working Group Meeting
1. Steve Elam, AccuShear
Stansteel/Hot Mix Parts
2. Andy Welch, AquaBlackTM Warm Mix Foaming System
3. Bill Garrett, AquaFoam Technology
Meeker Equipment, Inc.
4. Joe Musil, TEREX
5. Dennis Hunt, The Green Machine Ultrafoam GX System
Gencor Industries, Inc.
6. Geoffrey M. Rowe, Laboratory Evaluation: Wax Additives in a Warm-Mix Asphalt Binder
U. Mass Dartmouth
7. Tom Bennert, Rutting Evaluation and NJDOT's Approval Process
U. Mass Dartmouth
8. Warm Mix Asphalt: the green pavement. WMA Emissions
9. Bob Pelland, WMA Paving at Boston-Logan International Airport
U. Mass Dartmouth
10. Gerry Reinke, Impact of Loose Mix Aging Time and Temperature on the Mechanistic Performance of Hot and Warm Bituminous Mixtures
U. Mass Dartmouth
11. Mike Hemsley, Task Force 08-01
12. WMA TWG Final Agenda May 2009

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