December 2009 WMA Technical Working Group Meeting
Speaker Presentations - Day 1 morning, December 15, 2009

1. Richard W. May, Thiopave Warm Mix Asphalt
Shell Sulfur Solutions
2. Hypertherm WMA Technology
Coco Asphalt Engineering
3. CECABase RT: Additives for Warm Mix Asphalts
CECA Arkema Group
4. Gerald Reinke, Update on Study of Impact of Loose Mix Aging Time and Temperature on the Mechanistic Performance of Hot and Warm Bituminous Mixtures
MTE Services, Inc.
5. Tom Baker, TF 08-02 National Approval Certification Program
6. Andrea Kvasnak & Brian Prowell, Fuel Savings and Emisions
NCAT at Auburn University
Speaker Presentations - Day 1 afternoon, December 15, 2009

1. Andrea Kvasnak, WMA Research at NCAT
2. Stacey Diefenderfer, Virginia's WMA Experiences
3. Thomas E. Baker, WSDOT WMA Experience: Early Results
Washington State DOT
4. Thomas Bennert, WMA in Thin Lift, Rubber Modified, and SMA Applications
Rutgers University
5. Ellie Y. Hajj, Laboratory Evaluation of WMA Mixture on Chism Street in Reno, Nevada
University of Nevada Reno
6. Ramon Bonaquist, NCHRP 9-43 Mix Design Practices for Warm Mix Asphalt
Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC
7. Andrea Kvasnak, Literature Review Summary of Properties and Performance
NCAT at Auburn University
Speaker Presentations - Day 2 morning, December 16, 2009

1. Thomas Bennert, Evaluation of Workability/Compactability of Warm Mix Asphalt
Rutgers University
2. Hussain Bahia, Quantifying the Effects of Warm Mix Additives Using the Asphalt Lubricity Test
3. Gerald Reinke, Report on Long Term Outdoor Aging Study
MTE Services, Inc.
4. Thomas Bennert, Warm Mix Asphalt Research
Rutgers University
5. Online Tech Transfer Resources
Pavia Systems

Full Agenda

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